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Our team can take care of commercial demolition services at your facility.

When you think about demolition, your mind may conjure up images of tearing down a structure on a construction site. While this is certainly one side of the demolition process, buildings aren’t the only things that have to be demolished. Electrical demolition is a lesser-known process that involves removing outdated or damaged electrical elements that pose a safety hazard or fail to function properly. If you’ve ever had a new electrical system installed at your home or business, you may be familiar with this process. It’s a critical step in the electrical installation process that simply can’t be skipped.

Commercial Demolition Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

Not all electrical contractors have the knowledge or experience needed to provide commercial demolition services. Some outsource this task to other contractors, while others skip the demolition phase and move straight to installing new components. But if the old components and parts of the system aren’t removed, the safety hazard remains. These worn or outdated elements could catch fire, putting your facility at risk. It’s not enough to simply have a new system installed – commercial demolition services must be performed as part of the process.

Our team at Specialty Service Group can take care of commercial demolition services at your Knoxville, Tennessee facility. Commercial electrical demolition is just one of our areas of expertise. With years of experience and a well-trained and knowledgeable team, we’ve got you covered with a range of professional electrical services. If you’re concerned about the condition of your commercial electrical system or would like to look into having a new system installed, give us a call today.