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From installation to repair and replacement, we want to be your go-to commercial electrician.

There are many different ways that your average commercial property is more complex than a typical residential one. From the plumbing to the HVAC system to the electrical components, commercial systems are bigger, more complicated, and more complex. This is also true of large government or municipal facilities, industrial complexes, like factories and warehouses, and commercial properties, like condos and apartment buildings. At Specialty Service Group, we have the experience and knowledge needed to provide your needed electrical services. From installation to repair and replacement, we want to be your go-to commercial electrician.

Commercial Electrician, Knoxville, Tennessee

We have a team with over 125 combined years of experience and have a wide array of completed project types under our belts, including:

  • New construction: Get your new facility up and running with the ideal electrical system for today’s needs, as well as being better prepared for future growth and expansion.
  • Upgrading systems: Even a well-designed electrical system has an expected lifespan, not to mention that technological advancements have made upgrading your system even more important.
  • Expansions: If you are ready to grow your business or organization, it may be time to look at expanding your facility, and this means taking your electrical systems to the next level, too.
  • Renovations: Planned renovations are the perfect time to update and upgrade existing electrical systems.

As your trusted commercial electrician, we can also perform work on telecommunication and other low voltage electrical systems like fiber optics and automation systems. We serve the area near Knoxville, Tennessee as a commercial electrician, but we can also serve surrounding states. Contact us for more information.