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Our Electrical services include maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement of various types of electrical systems.

Electricity is nothing that should be handled outside the hands of professionals, and that’s why you should trust us to handle any of your electrical needs. This is especially true for complex systems, such as commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, as well as across the Southeast.

Switchgear Installation in Knoxville, Tennessee

At Specialty Service Group, our team has more than 125 combined years of experience, and there are very few projects our team hasn’t been involved with at least one time before. Our electrical services include maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement services for new construction, upgrading systems, expansions, and renovations.

Our highly skilled tradesmen are also qualified to install telecommunication/low-voltage systems, including fiber optic, data installation, and controls. We are familiar with automation and PLC services, data and fiber services, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control systems, and DC systems.

Our name says it all in that you can turn to us for a variety of specialty electrical services with complete confidence that we’ll reach a successful outcome for your situation. We understand that the electrical services industry is rapidly changing, and we have devised methods for constantly evolving.

You’ll always have the most innovative options to choose from and can be assured there aren’t many systems out there we cannot service and repair. We even offer 24-hour emergency response because we know that having an electrical issue is often a time-sensitive situation.

If you need installation, repair, or maintenance of electrical services at your commercial, industrial, or municipal property, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment. We welcome the chance to show you how our high level of quality is the ideal solution for all your electrical needs.


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