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Our electrical demolition services involve the complete removal of existing features and components.

The electrical components used in both residential and commercial systems have evolved over the years. When electricity was first discovered many years ago, the inventors could never have imagined how much it would be used in the modern world. Electrical inventors and manufacturers have had to adapt their products to keep up with the growing demand. As a result, many homes and businesses have outdated systems that don’t align with today’s electrical needs. But simply installing new electrical components isn’t the only step required in upgrading a system. It’s also important to demolish and remove the existing components to maintain the safety of the structure.

Electrical Demolition Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

Not all electrical providers understand the importance of electrical demolition, and few companies in the Knoxville, Tennessee area offer this option. But at Specialty Services Group, we are different from other commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the area. When our company was founded in 2017, we wanted to become a full-service provider of electrical solutions, and we understand the need for professional electrical demolition services.

Our electrical demolition services involve the complete removal of existing features and components. By safely and effectively demolishing damaged or outdated elements of an electrical system, we can clear the way for a new system to be installed. If your commercial or industrial facility has damaged or outdated electrical equipment, it can create a significant safety risk. Wires and other elements can spark and catch fire or fail to supply the necessary current. Contact us to request an estimate for electrical demolition services and the installation of a new, up-to-date system.


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