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One of the specialized services we provide is industrial general contracting.

There are many different types of facilities that fall under the category of industrial. Warehouses, factories, mills, shops, and processing plants are just a few examples of industrial facilities. An industrial building is one of the four main types of commercial structures used for business purposes. The other three include retail, multi-family, and office. Industrial buildings are primarily used to store and/or manufacture goods and raw materials for economic purposes. Industrial General Contracting in Knoxville, Tennessee The first industrial facility in the United States opened just a few years after the nation was established. The opening of this textile mill is widely considered to be the start of the nation’s Industrial Revolution. Since then, property and business owners have invested heavily in industrial construction and renovation, creating buildings that meet the needs of their businesses. If you’re looking for a trusted provider of industrial general contracting services in Knoxville, Tennessee or the surrounding area, you can rely on our team at Specialty Service Group. As our name suggests, we provide specialized services to our valued clients. One of those specialized services is industrial general contracting. As one of the leading providers of industrial general contracting services in the Knoxville area, we can handle projects of all sizes and scopes. Our team includes experienced project managers, electricians, estimators, and support staff. We hold an unlimited general contractor and electrical contractor license in the state of Tennessee, along with an electrical contractor license in several of the nearby states. Our ability to provide a turnkey experience with a streamlined process are two aspects that set us apart in the industry.