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When performing industrial demolition services, safety is always our top priority.

When you’re responsible for an industrial facility, many tasks fall on your shoulders. If something stops working properly within the space, it’s important to know where to turn for professional assistance. Electrical systems should always be left in the hands of skilled and experienced electricians, whether the job involves repairing a damaged component or performing a full system overhaul. If your industrial facility is in or near Knoxville, Tennessee, you can trust our team at Specialty Service Group to handle the electrical needs within the space.

Industrial Demolition Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

We offer industrial demolition services, which is a process that involves demolishing the existing system. Not all electrical companies in the area can even handle industrial work, let alone take care of the demolition phase of the job. This is an area in which we stand apart, thanks to our commitment to offering full-service electrical work to both industrial and commercial clients.

When performing industrial demolition services, safety is always our top priority. Working with electrical components can be dangerous, so we apply the best practices in the industry to protect our staff and create a safe atmosphere for your industrial employees. We make sure to remove all outdated and damaged electrical components as part of the demolition process, as we don’t want to risk these elements remaining in place and creating a safety risk. If you have questions about our industrial demolition services or how we can handle an issue in your facility, reach out to our team.